Peace @ Leeds Met SU

PeaceLeeds Met, Dec 2013

My favourite band of 2013 supporting my fave band of 2012? Go on then.

Ok, perhaps to say Peace were my favourite band of 2012 is a bit strong, but they are certainly up there. Definitely top 3. This gig had all the hallmarks of a bittersweet experience for me – photographing bands I really really like, but in tough lighting conditions.

I got to the venue in plenty of time to catch Drenge’s set, which was as awesome as I’d expected it to be. Equally as expected was the terrible light – I’ve never shot a support act at The Met who hasn’t been lit with solid red or blue light – which meant I came away with minimal shots from their set.

Peace, on the otherhand, were very much a surprise. Having shot them in near darkness on the last two occasions (Manchester Club Academy and Leeds Festival), I was chuffed to see quite a decent, dramatic lighting set up. There were still moments when it was pretty tough, but for the most part it was pretty much a breeze. On top of that, Harrison has lost the main of hair that had obscured his face for most of their set at Leeds Festival, which made my life a little easier.

All in all, pleasantly surprised. And Peace’s album is still amazing. If you like 90s guitar music, buy it.