Modo Stare Phootshoot

Modo StareCommission for Vibrations Magazine

If you’ve not heard of Modo Stare, then I’ll forgive you. Actually, scratch that. I shaln’t forgive you – I’ll pity you. Pity you HARD. If you are into electro-ambient music, you need this band in your life. There is no simpler way to put it.

Yes, I’m a bit biased ‘cos they’re from Bradford and I’m (pretty much) from Bradford(ish), but when I was first put onto them by my hawk-eared journo buddy Kate Wellham, I was amazed. Admittedly I’m not in touch with the Bradford music scene as much as I should be, but I hadn’t heard of a ‘Bratfud’ band with such a fresh sound since Alt Track (who are equally awesome. You should see them, too).

I was asked to do a shoot with the guys for local music mag Vibrations. Initially, we’d planned on being quite intricate with the shoot, planning things out and doing a ‘proper’ job of it. However we had to cut the planning in favour of a quick, last minute job when two of the guys found out they needed to fly home to Australia for a few weeks.

Desperately scampering for a venue at short notice, the lovely guys at the New Bradford Playhouse Theatre came to my rescue. Recently renovated and reopened, the quirkly little space in Bradford’s trendy Little Germany was perfect. Several different rooms with different themes, as well as a tiered Theatre.

Having gone through out options, we settled on two set ups – one in the theatre seats, and one in an empty white room on the top floor. Probably the biggest task of all was managing to get 7 people in a shot without too many faces being overly out of focus, shadowed. It certainly made checking for blinkers that bit trickier, too! We only had a couple of hours to fire through the shoot, and I managed to come away with a handful of half decent shots for the feature.

If you want to sample some of Modo Stare’s awesome sound, head over to their Soundcloud page or use this fancy gizmo thing: