Frank Turner @ Phones 4U Arena, Manchester

Frank TurnerManchester Arena, Feb 2014

So far, gigs in 2014 haven't come as thick and fast as previous years for me, so this was a perfect opportunity to get back in the swing of things with a big, well lit Arena show.

I'd shot Frank Turner a couple of times in the past at a couple of festivals, but I'd never previously been that impressed with the shots I'd got - for whatever reason, they didn't seem to do his live show justice. They were fine in terms of standard editorial shots, but were lacking character a bit. Time to make amends.

Having seen some shots from other dates on the tour, I was a bit apprehensive about what lighting to expect. Thankfully, I had no reason to worry - the light was fantastic for the bulk of my three song allocation, giving me the perfect opportunity to try and capture something a bit more 'iconic'.

It was nice to receive an email the following day from Frank - he's a bloody nice bloke, you know.