London Grammar @ O2 Academy, Leeds

London GrammarLeeds Academy, Feb 2014

Another band championed by 6music, London Grammar are fast building a strong reputation as the next significant UK ambient-trip-hop act. These guys did a mammoth festival effort last summer and I tried to catch them on various occasions. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, I didn't have any success.

I was expecting this to be a tough shoot, but things got a lot more 'interesting' when the pit restrictions were revealed: "Three songs, no flash, and you cannot move". Fairly standard. Wait - wut?

"You cannot move"?! EH?! I've come across some pretty stringent restrictions in the past - particularly for bigger bands - but this was certainly a first. Essentially, we were expected to pick a 'spot' in the photopit, and not move from it. Bizarre. If we were shooting an established Diva I'd maybe understand it (that's a lie. Even for an established Diva I'd consider it bonkers) but for a new British band, who'd previously been touring small venues and clubs, this just sounded totally crazy. LG aren't the most animated of bands, so obviously the variety of my shots was going to suffer, but I was more bothered by the whole principle of this in the first place. So many questions! I mean, who was going to police it? What constitutes 'movement'? What if security need to get passed us to escort an incoming crowd-surfer out of the pit? But most importantly, WHY?!

Grumblings aside, the gig was fairly tricky to shoot. Thankfully I'd been given a tip-off about the aforementioned restrictions so I got in the pit nice and early to pick my spot and give myself the best change of coming away with anything half decent. There wasn't much in the way of light, and the band didn't move a great deal, so as I feared my shots were lacking much variety.

Ah well. Least I can say I've shot them now.