Revista Mock Feature

So it turns out I've been listed as one of the "Top 10 Contemporary International Rock Photographers" as part of a cool feature on Argentinian music website Revista Mock.

Crystal CastlesLeeds Festival 2010

The list - put together by the awesome Argentinian photographer Matías Altbach - features many of the people I looked up to when I first started out as a music photographer: Danny North, Todd OwyoungDaniel BoudGuy EppelDean Chalkley and Andy Willsher all feature, and to see my name listed alongside those people is pretty mindblowing!

You can check out the article here, although I should probably point out it is in Spanish. Alternatively, there's a badly-translated extract below:

Danny is another Englishman who does an outstanding job. Impeccable at reading lights, speed and clarity to capture the right moments. In his own words, his best quality is to be at the time and place for each capture. What feature can you not miss as a photographer? "Instinct is key" he tells us "being able to second-guess what a band is going to do means you can get in position to take advantage of it. This really helps capture the moments that other photographers miss, and set you apart from the crowd". Reflecting on his best experience, being asked to work at the NME was very important, Getting a picture published in Rolling Stone Magazine was also a massive achievement, but my favourite photographing experience was joining Elbow on stage when they headlined at Latitude Festival 2012." Regarding the least favourite part, he tells us that the contracts managers insist photographers sign are increasingly unreasonable, and casts a gloomy picture: "I forsee a day when very few people can make a living out of music photography".

Massive thank you to Matias and to the guys at Revista Mock for the recognition - turns out I'm building a fan base in Latin America!