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My ol' pals Man Can't Fly are back with a new sound, and needed some new press shots to accompany them.

Man Can't Fly

I met up with the guys on a grey afternoon in Bradford's Little Germany - a reclaimed industrial area of the city that houses several studios, agencies, and quirky businesses. It's Leeds' answer to Granary Wharf, I guess. On meeting the band, it was great to see my old friend Danny Yates - former frontman of White Light Parade who I worked with a lot in the past. Danny has taken up the bass mantle from Sam who left the band a few months back.

We tried a few different set ups - the first two being quite traditional, taken advantage of some of the impressive stone masonry in the area. As it was a slightly breezy day, I opted to go for a single light setup. I've lost too many brollies and light modifiers with a gust of wind to risk using more. I set up a single flash on around 1/8 power through a white shoot-through umbrella, held in place by my dependable assistant for the day - Liam.

Man Can't Fly

After we'd nailed the wall shots, we stumbled across a huge bright yellow garage door, which made for an interesting additional backdrop. This time I opted for natural light only, as I was aware that I'd get reflection back from any additional lighting on the metallic surface of the door.

Man Can't Fly

The guys told me how they've been quite busy working behind closed doors on some new material that is a change in direction from their debut works, so I'm looking forward to catching them on a stage sometime soon. Keep an eye out. 

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