Meihaus press shoot

I always enjoy working with bands from Bradford - the city has a real buzz about it these days, with the recession out of the way and a new scene forming, more and more absolute gems of bands keep appearing.


I met Meihaus at Bloomfield Square in Otley - a delightfully quirky coffee shop run by former Terrorvision frontman and all-round good egg Tony Wright - early on a brisk Saturday in September (I did ask the band if their name was a homage to Terrorvision's 1993 hit My House. Sadly it isn't).

We only had about half an hour before opening to get the shoot nailed as we didn't want to disrupt any customers, so quickly picked two areas of the shop to utilise. Both areas had shed loads of character, so wanted to make sure we had a really even amount of light to emphasise both the band themselves and all the details of the surroundings. To minimise setup time, I used a really simple setup - one flashgun on a lightstand, firing straight up, bouncing off the white ceiling to give a natural feel.


After wrapping the shoot, we chilled at Bloomfield Square with a brew and had a good natter about the hopeful re-emergence of the Bradford music scene. Really decent set of lads, and great to work with.


Meihaus latest - and final - EP 'What's her Story?' is out now to stream on Spotify.

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