Put on the red light: Autobahn Press Shoot

Had the pleasure of being invited back by Autobahn to shoot the press images to accompany their second album, The Moral Crossing. We'd planned something a little more elaborate with this shoot, to give the shots a much more dramatic feel.

I met the guys at their studio just outside Leeds city centre, where the guys had built a backdrop out of office ceiling fluorescent lighting panels - it was an impressive structure to behold, with the panels alternating between white and red strips.

We started out using the light wall itself as the only light source. This produced some really dramatic casts on the guy faces:


As awesome as this set up looked, for press shots this wasn't going to get enough light onto the faces. It perhaps would have been fine for artwork or posters, but the lack of any facial definition made the guys look a little anonymous. To remedy this, I placed a flashgun in a beauty dish up high in front of the band, with a red gel to ensure the colours weren't lost. 

Red light isn't something I've really used before - primarily because I associate it killing all the tones at countless small gigs I'd shot back when I was cutting my teeth. As I was able to control the temperature and the intensity of the red light, I could quickly balance it against the light from the backdrop so it didn't look out of place, to get the exact look I was after:


The fluorescent panels cast great colours on the sides of their heads, with the additional speedlight filling in the shadows on the faces. Job done!

Having nailed the main shoot, we then headed outside to grab some standard daylight portraits, to give their press kit a bit of variety:


Was a great - yet unconventional - shoot, and was great to catch up with the guys again. 

'The Moral Crossing' is out now on Tough Love Records. Check out Autobahn's Facebook page for details on outlets and live dates. 

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