Hanging out with Esper Scout

I recently had the fortune of spending an hour with the wonderful Esper Scout for an editorial shoot.

Esper Scout2016

I caught up with the guys at their practice rooms on the outskirts of Leeds, and after initial introductions we went for a wander around the area to try scope out some locations.

I had a very particular style in mind for the shoot - a hint of lo-fi grunge, but still bright. In order to achieve this, I was reliant on two things: simple backdrops, and natural light. Fortunately we'd picked a particularly great evening, enjoying the final few hours of a particularly sunny day with barely a cloud in the sky.

The first set up was fairly easy, having found a fairly interesting bush next to a road (which I was frequently jumping in and out of for the shot). We then found a large open space for me to get the second shot on my list, utilising just the clear sky as the backdrop. Finally we headed back to the rehearsal room to set up a studio-type shoot, just to give the set something different.

Was great to meet the guys, and had a great laugh on the shoot! Be sure to check them out next time they're touring.

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Esper Scout2016
Esper Scout2016
Esper Scout2016

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