In the studio with FLING

I spent a couple hours in the studio with Bradford's finest wonky pop purveyors, shooting a feature for the guys at Counterfeit.


FLING had been on my list of bands to shoot for quite a while. They came to my attention a couple of years back, and their quirky flamboyance coupled with their infectious brand of pop intrigued me.

I met up with the guys at Opus Studio in Bradford. I'd not done any studio work for ages - literally - so I got to the studio early to reacquaint myself with some of the gear. I'd initially planned to use some coloured gels to light up the backdrop, but my time was better spent preparing for the shoot. Besides - my subjects were plenty colourful anyway!

When the guys arrived we pretty much got straight to it, spending most of our time on the white infinity curve. The guys clearly weren't strangers to the camera, and were more than comfortable expressing themselves with minimal guidance from me - which was great!


After trying a bunch of different setups against the white backdrop, we moved on to a pink backdrop which just happened to be loitering in the studio. Now this particular backdrop was quite narrow - 1-2 meters - so I had to get the guys to squeeze in quite a bit. Whilst initially this was quite challenging, it did present us with some cool opportunities for messing around with composition.


Was great to finally shoot the guys, and experience some of the FLING-mania first hand. I look forward to getting down to one of their shows soon!

Head over to Counterfeit to check out the feature on FLING, and check out the guys video for the outstandingly catchy 'Banjo Billy' below:

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