Caught up with the guys from 65dos the other week for a feature shoot for the awesome Loud And Quiet magazine. It was pretty cool to chat with the guys about their upcoming 10th anniversary gig over a brew in their rather cosy rehearsal room.

I started out with an indoor shoot in an empty unit near the guys practice room. I had (half) an idea in mind that would require some post-processing and playing around with layers to give a ghosting affect, and the derelict-looking unit felt perfect for that. I used a tripod set up, and a remote flash through a shoot-through camera left, and took several individual shots of the guys with the intention of sticking them back in photoshop afterwards:

65DaysofstaticCommission for Loud & Quiet Magazine

As we had quite a bit of time allotted for the shoot, I took the opportunity to try out a few alternatives. One idea I was really keen to work with involved playing around with perspectives, and the long pathway down the side of their rehearsal room fit the bill quite nicely. It was a very bright day, but this path was nicely shaded to allow me to get a consistent exposure across all the guys faces: 

65daysofstaticCommission for Loud & Quiet Magazine

We then pottered down the road to an interesting caged walkway that ran alongside the river. Again keen to emphasis perspective, this cage thingy helped give the shots something a bit different:

65daysofstaticCommission for Loud & Quiet Magazine
65daysofstaticCommission for Loud & Quiet Magazine
65daysofstaticCommission for Loud & Quiet Magazine

You can see my shot of 65dos in this months edition of Loud and Quiet magazine. It's free, so no excuses!

65 Days Of Static // Loud And Quiet Magazine, March 2014

Massive thank you to my good pal Gary Wolstenholme, who kindly came down to assist and brought with him loads of useful paraphernalia. Post shoot we caught up over a very greasy butty in a VERY very greasy spoon. Winning. You can check out his work here

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