New Delta photo shoot

Headed up onto the beautiful Yorkshire Moors for a photo shoot with the awesome New Delta. and a Chesterfield sofa.

New Delta

Although New Delta is very much a new venture, I've known the guys in the band for years. Their previous bands (Fifteen Stories and Operator Six) feature very heavily in the early days of my portfolio. It's safe to say, the bulk of the time I was working out how to use a camera, it was pointing at these guys.

New Delta

I'd been talking to these guys about a shoot for quite a while and they had a pretty clear idea of what they were after - a sofa on the moors. This was far easier to sort than it sounds, given that we live on the edge of some of the most spectacular scenery this country has to offer (I'm not gonna lie. It's ace). Getting a sofa onto said moor was equally rather simple, as one of the guys owned a rather nice leather Chesterfield 3 seater, and they had access to a van. Bosh.

New Delta

Given the rather surreal nature of the shoot, I was keen for the guys to look as natural as possible. I thought this would be quite a nice contrast - three dudes, chillin' on a sofa, on the moors. Perfectly normal. To try and achieve a natural look, I kept guidance and posing to a minimum. In hindsight I probably should have engaged with the guys a bit more, but overall I'm happy with the shots.

New Delta

We tried two set ups either side of a country road to try and get a bit of variety, but the Yorkshire summer weather soon put pay to that idea.

Big thanks to the boys for sitting in the rain, as well as Gaz and Becca for ably assisting, and Eddie for sniffing people inappropriately. Awkward.

Shooting Notes

Given that we were shooting next to a road in pretty crap weather, I had to keep my setup to a minimum: Two flashguns on roughly 1/8 through white brollies camera left and right, fairly low (to stop them blowing away) at roughly 45º.

New Delta are on facebook so give em a like, and have a listen to one of their tracks below. It's a bit of a belter.

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