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These last few months I've been thinking much more about expanding my photographic horizons. Don't get me wrong, shooting gigs is awesome, but sometimes it would be good to photograph something that's not you're usual "first three, no flash". As it happens, such musings coincided with the announcement that PABH were to play a special in-store set at HMV Leeds for the release of their third album, 'Blood'. Whilst it wouldn't be that far removed from what I was used to, it was a step in a different direction.

Pulled Apart By HorsesBlood Album Launch @ HMV Leeds, Sep 2014

I arrived at the store just prior to the guys going on stage. It was instantly clear that this show was going to be a little different and somewhat of a rarity - To say "unplugged" would be a bit of a cliché, but it was acoustic, stripped back and slowed down (or "redneck style", as Tom eloquently put it). It's not something they normally do, or have maybe ever done.

Pulled Apart By HorsesBlood Album Launch @ HMV Leeds, Sep 2014

The guys rattled through a short set of old and new material that had been adapted for the more intimate setting. 'Hot Squash' - the first single from the new album - was a particular highlight, with a delightful bluesy edge to it. Stooges cover 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' when down a treat, before the set was drawn to a close with a terrific rendition of the classic 'High Five. Swan Dive. Nose Dive'. This whole redneck thing kinda works, me thinks.

Pulled Apart By HorsesBlood Album Launch @ HMV Leeds, Sep 2014

After the show, the crowds gathered to have their albums and other paraphernalia signed, which presented itself as a decent opportunity to grab some nice reportage stuff using my two prime lines.

Was good to catch the guys again, and having documented the album recording for an NME feature at the start of the year it felt somewhat poetic to document said album's official release. As I'm writing this, James has just stuck something on facebook about the album making the top 40, too. High five!

Just want to say a quick thanks to the guys and Ali for letting me take pictures, and to the folks at HMV Leeds for being cool with me getting in the way.

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